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HKC M27G3F 27" 165Hz 1080p Freesync Curved R1800 Gaming Monitor

HKC M27G3F 27" 165Hz 1080p Freesync Curved R1800 Gaming Monitor

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Excellent display for gaming
The HKC-M27G3F is a favorite monitor among gamers because of its refresh rate of 165Hz. The curved anti-glare LED screen with a viewing angle of 178º also gives the computer screen a high quality. Whether it is the casual gamer or the fanatic players, everyone is visually satisfied with the HKC-M27G3F.

144Hz refresh rate
This monitor has a refresh rate of 165Hz. That is 165 times per second that the image is replaced. This ensures that with rapid movements in the image, it will continue to look smooth. So no blurry and shocking images. Connect the monitor via the DisplayPort.

The monitor is equipped with FreeSync. This technology adjusts the refresh rate to that of the computer’s video card. This way you prevent tearing and stuttering. This means that the number of frames that the monitor refreshes is tuned to the video card. This applies to AMD video cards and to some NVIDIA video cards.
Adaptive Sync ensures that the monitor and the video card coordinate the refresh of the image. This will prevent extra tearing or stuttering.

Normally a screen has a flicker of approximately 200 times per second. The HKC-M27G3F has anti-flicker technology. This ensures that it is much less tiring to look at the screen for a (longer) time.

FPS Front Sight
With this feature it is possible to always display the same screen on the screen, regardless of the game being played. It ensures that when playing with a shotgun, for example, a good visor is also visible on the screen.

Other features:

  • Gaming on screen
  • View angle of 178° with R1800 Curve Rate
  • 20% more color coverage and blue light reduction

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