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Bitfenix Colossus M Micro ATX

Bitfenix Colossus M Micro ATX

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Colossus Micro ATX 

Inheriting the classic Colossus (giant) design of BitFenix, the little giant Micro-ATX presents more futuristic and delicate Micro-ATX structure design. The top panel and side panels are covered with SofTouch™ surface treatment technology, which fully reflects the characteristics and excellent texture of BitFenix. With the exclusive LiteTrak™ technology, the LED lights form a perfect contrast between the front panel and the side panels on both sides. Intermittent curves, the control button can not only switch between 3 different color lights, but also convert it into a breathing light mode. In terms of internal structure, users can flexibly use its powerful expansion performance, which can support more expansion cards and storage space. The two USB3.0 ports greatly increase the transmission speed. Some details of the design seem to be reserved. The cable holes, the magnetic heat dissipation partition and the internal blackened and scratch-resistant design all allow users to fully enjoy the fun of building a little giant Micro-ATX system. Showcasing an aggressive exterior design and powerful internal installation flexibility, the little giant Micro-ATX is bound to become a new force in the future. 

New Age Thoughts
Inheriting the Colossus (Giant) full-tower classic design, the little giant Micro-ATX presents a more avant-garde and new-generation inspired design, adding SofTouch™ surface treatment technology to the aggressive angle design, making the overall presentation unique The delicate texture of the destructive power makes it not only suitable for making Gaming cases, but also can be placed in the living room or participate in LAN parties.

BitFenix ​​LiteTrak™ Technology
BitFenix ​​LiteTrak™ can produce uninterrupted LED lines in the middle of the front panel and side panels, creating a sense of integrity and futuristic styling. The LED control button system can switch the light into three different colors of red/blue/green, and even Cycle through 3 different colors in breathing mode.

Ultra-high speed USB3.0 interface
Equipped with two ultra-high-speed USB3.0 ports, the Little Giant Micro-ATX can fully cope with the growing high-resolution image files, and transfer them at a speed 10 times faster than USB2.0.

powerful scalability
Don't underestimate the "little" giant Micro-ATX just because of its size, its giant-like powerful potential can provide excellent performance. Both graphics cards can support the length of 320mm, and the CPU tower radiator can also support the height of 160mm. If the user only installs one graphics card, it can also install a thin 240mm water cooling row on the top, and the hard disk mounting bracket can support With 4 hard drives or 3 2.5″ SSDs, the little giant Micro-ATX presents giant-like expansion performance with a compact body.
MATX Compatibility
The little giant Micro-ATX with 5 PCI interface card strips can not only install dual graphics cards such as SLI or Crossfire, but also support more expansion cards such as audio or network.

The convenience of DIY
The little giant Micro-ITX provides many thoughtful and convenient designs, allowing users to easily create their own exclusive system, such as the tool-free installation of the PCI interface card, which can quickly complete the installation of expansion cards, and the large motherboard CPU The heat dissipation holes allow the CPU tower cooler to be easily installed. If the user chooses to install the hard disk at the bottom of the case, the magnetic heat dissipation partition can be used to prevent the hot air from the front power supply from recirculating to the machine. The shell affects the performance of the hard disk.

BitFenix ​​texture
The little giant Micro-ATX supports many superior features, allowing users to enjoy the experience and feelings of owning BitFenix ​​products during use. The reserved wiring holes can avoid damage to the wires, and the detachable filter screen The design also makes it easy to clean. The interior is completely blackened with baking paint and scratch-resistant design, as well as the BitFenix ​​aluminum Logo. These are the qualities that BitFenix ​​is ​​known for and people love.

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